Download Youtube Audio and Edit MP3 On macOS Catalina

Audacity App macOS Catalina

Since macOS Catalina only uses 64 bit Apps, there are only a few apps that can download Youtube Video or Audio and is a great app to do so. For Audio editing and recording, has always been the best software out there, there’s a few problems with Catalina due to Security with microphone permission. There’s

Extract Audio From Music Video DVD

If we have a music video DVD and we like to extract a song from the DVD to MP3 to listen to sometimes, we can do it with a few free software out there. With a fast multi-cores i5 or i7, the task will be very fast. We need a back up software to extract

Use Audacity To Edit And Convert Audio Files To MP3

Audacity App macOS Catalina

Audacity is a great free program to record, edit or convert audio files to MP3 or other formats. In order for Audacity to have full functions, we need FFmpeg Importer and Lame MP3 Encoder, they’re all at the same . To convert audio files straight to MP3, iTunes is the best tool IMO. For editing,