Extract Audio From Music Video DVD

If we have a music video DVD and we like to extract a song from the DVD to MP3 to listen to sometimes, we can do it with a few free software out there. With a fast multi-cores i5 or i7, the task will be very fast.

We need a back up software to extract our song from the DVD, I use SmartRipper 2.4.1. Music video DVD should have songs in chapters, so each chapter is a song, find out which songs we like and extract them individually or we can extract the whole DVD. After extract the chapter (in vobs), we need audio encoder to encode mp3 from AC3 or VOBs, these software called BeSweet + Belight + vobinput.dll (for vob files) and Audacity if we want to edit the MP3 files.

Extract BeSweet to its own folder, then extract all belight and vobinput.dll inside BeSweet folder. We will execute belight.exe and not besweet.exe.

Smart Ripper 2.4.1. Make sure the enable stream proccessing and demux to extra file options are checked. We may have to use Windows Media Player to play the dvd once for Smart Ripper to access the DVD due to encryption. Make sure to select the output folder for the extracted audio files.


BeSweet Folder


Select the output format by clicking the taps, mp3.. etc.

Watch the video for the whole process.

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