Burn DVD Movie With ImgBurn

After we back up our Blu-ray DVD or DVD to files, for DVD structure, we should have 2 folder “audio” and “video_ts”, we can use ImgBurn to burn this to regular DVD-5 to play on any dvd player.

Back Up Blu-Ray DVD To MKV And MP4

Yesterday, I bought a blu-ray DVD movie from Fry’s for $8. It was an old ghost movie, I need to encode it to MKV and MP4 for my Media Portal 1.2.3 and Thrive to play. I actually don’t have a blu-ray player. Things have changed for the better since the last time I wrote an

Make Bootable Windows 7 DVD

windows dvd

Everytime we re-install windows, we need to install drivers all over again, we can’t find the drivers cds sometimes. It does take time to download and time consuming if we don’t have high speed internet. Now windows 7 files are so big, it came in a dvd but it’s only 3.4GB, we can put an