Back Up Blu-Ray DVD To MKV And MP4

Yesterday, I bought a blu-ray DVD movie from Fry’s for $8. It was an old ghost movie, I need to encode it to MKV and MP4 for my Media Portal 1.2.3 and Thrive to play. I actually don’t have a blu-ray player. Things have changed for the better since the last time I wrote an article about blu-ray.

There are many ways to back up blu-ray and many software out there to use. It’s dependent upon what results you want to have. All I want is to back up to MKV and MP4. I have an i5 2500k HD3000 system which is pretty fast for doing video conversion stuff. I didn’t really want to shell out more money for the i7. My system can back up the whole Blu-Ray DVD in less than 2 hours to both MKV and MP4 files.

We need to decrypt the Blu-ray and copy all the files to the hard drive. Anydvd is the best software out there, it doesn’t give us the option to just rip the main movie like some others software, but it does its job well.

ghost ship     anydvd

Set the settings to remove all decryption.

anydvd     anydvd

Our system can read 10MB/s, it only takes less than 30 minutes for 20GB Blu-ray disc like this one.

anydvd     anydvd

So go to the folder where we backed up this blu-ray, look for the largest file and play it with VLC player, it will be the main movie. After it’s verified, launch handbrake 9.8 and load this big file.

main movie     handbrake

I just use the normal profile, constant 20 for MKV and 23 for MP4, audio, select the HD1 file which is the Main English DTS file. I did use the TSMUXER to remove all other audio and subtitles, but it’s not necessary.

Create mkv profile and add to Queue, then MP4 then run the Queue, you should have 2 files, MKV and MP4 in less than an hour.

handbrake     handbrake done

In case we want to burn the MKV to DVD disc to play in regular DVD player, we need DVD authoring software like ConvertXtoDVD, then use ImgBurn to burn the file to DVD disc.

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