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Prepare And Fix Dual-Triple Boot With EasyBCD

2012-08-17 Prepare 2 primary partitions for Triple Boot Windows 8, Mountain Lion and Ubuntu The previous post on Dual Boot Windows and Mac OS X. Triple boot Windows 7, Mac OS X and Ubuntu Hackintosh is using PC (which is Windows OS based) to install Mac OS. Normally, we already have a Windows OS installed […]

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Triple Boot Windows 7-Lion 10.7.4-Ubuntu 12.0.4 On i5 2500K Asus P8Z68-V LX System

2012-08-16 Prepare and fix dual-triple boot in Windows May 25, 2012 For those who has Nvidia PCiE Supported Graphics Card like my GS8400. We just need to add PciRoot=0 and device ids in the NVDANV50Hal.kext.      The title is triple boot, but you can stop at dual boot if Ubuntu is not your cup of […]