Triple Boot Windows 7-Lion 10.7.4-Ubuntu 12.0.4 On i5 2500K Asus P8Z68-V LX System

2012-08-16 Prepare and fix dual-triple boot in Windows

May 25, 2012 For those who has Nvidia PCiE Supported Graphics Card like my GS8400. We just need to add PciRoot=0 and device ids in the NVDANV50Hal.kext.

orgchameleonbootplist     gs8400

The title is triple boot, but you can stop at dual boot if Ubuntu is not your cup of tea :-).

Device ids important in Asus P8Z68-V LX and i5 2500k CPU.

Realtek ethernet     HD3000 0112:8086

Create 2 partitions for Ubuntu 12.0.4 and Lion 10.7.4.

Create an 8GB USB flash drive MyHackLionInstaller. Copy Lion graphics kexts (3 kexts) for 0112:8086 ids, Ethernet kext for Realtek 8168 ids to Extra/extensions folder, and smbios.plist (mac mini 5.1) to the Extra folder.

Turn on PC, hit F8 while booting to get to Boot menu, select 8GB USB Lion installer, installation will be straight forward, easy, make sure you have a usb mouse and keyboard if you’re using PS2 ports.

mac os x drive     F8 select 8GB USB

click tab      installation screen

Use disk utility to prepare partition for lion and install Lion.

disk utilities     create lion partition

finish partition     close disk utility

When installation finished, restart, hit F8 again to get to boot menu, this time select hard drive with the Lion partition, click tab to boot in verbose -v -f (important).

select hard drive     -v -f

It will boot to Lion with full resolution – need to run myfix to install extra (from the installer that have all the kexts copied to) – update 10.7.4 at the same time – run my fix again and reboot to the great Lion 10.7.4 without sound (remove AppleHDA.kext) after reboot, install VoodooHDA.kext.

When the Lion partition is done and work well, we’re ready to restore this partition to the second partition of the hard drive. Lion won’t let us to restore current partition, we need another Mac OS X drive to restore it, that’s why it’s the best to have a external USB hard drive with Mac OS X to do many things with. First, we should install EasyBCD in the windows 7 and create a dual boot menu. Write the menu to the C partition.

After restoration, there are 2 scenarios, if the Window is installed with a hard drive that has a 100MB MBR, we will need to fix the MBR to boot from windows, if there wasn’t 100Mb MBR created when installed Windows 7, then we shouldn’t have to do anything. Anyhow, in case after restoration and the MBR is lost, here is how to fix it, make sure we have the windows 7 installation disk or rescue disk created before we start this process.

Boot with myHackLionInstaller or USBlion hard drive (just created), select windows 7 (other os) to boot to Windows- Use EasyBCD2.1.2 to create menu dual boot and write to MBR (100Mb) or C: root of the hard drive – this way we don’t have to use Diskpart or rescue disk from windows

Now we should be able to dual boot Windows 7 & Lion 10.7.3 or 10.7.4 whatever the case may be. Next is to install Ubuntu 12.0.4 – burn the ubuntu desktop iso to a cd. Put it in the cd drive, boot it up (“F8” select cd/dvd boot from the menu).

welcome screen     option of installation

installation options     partitions

new partition      create boot partition

create 10GB root     add 2GB swap area

add the rest for home     Start installing

installation starts     Start installing

Start installing     Start installing

finished     finished

remove cd     booted to ubuntu

Now we need to fix the triple boot menu since Ubuntu took over the boot MBR. Actually we can just boot from the Ubuntu menu, but since we want to use EasyBcd to have triple boot menu, then we just have to boot into windows 7 partition from the Ubuntu menu and fix the EasyBCD boot menu.

Ubuntu boot menu

to be continued

  1. Hi, thanks for the guide. Are the kexts/files you used for the installation on the download page of your website?

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