Fire TV Stick from Amazon

Since I subscribed Amazon Prime, with all the Videos, Music streaming included, I got myself a Fire TV Stick for $24 with Prime.

The Fire tv stick is quite easy to install and work quite well with the included remote.  The best part is we can install third party apps like Terrarium and Kodi onto it and stream shows and movies.

The only drawback is Fire tv stick only support WIFI 2.4Ghz and not dual bands like Chromecast device, so the signals may not be as strong as the 5Ghz connection.

The Stick does need some power, the best is to use with the DC block that comes with it. Using the USB power from the TV may not be efficient. After the installation using the DC block, I could plug it in the USB power from the TV to turn it on.

Fire TV Stick Fire TV Stick Box

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