Odyssey Ignition Switch Replacement

2013-07-20 Ignition is still working like normal. Our friend’s 97 Honda Odyssey (300k+ miles) dies while driving, starts right up, drive again and dies any time it wants to. By Googling on the net, everything points to the ignition switch. He took it to the shops and some say it’s the fuel pump (yes possible),

Gremlins In Audi B6 Cabriolet

We’ve had our 04 Cabriolet for almost a year and 12k miles now. We love our car, haven’t had to spend much money to drive it, and it’s a joy to drive, especially with the power and great gas mileage. Every car has its own gremlins that cause intermittent failures that can’t explain or solved.

How To Replace Honda Odyssey Alternator

I replaced a rebuilt alternator for my father in-law’s 97 Honda Odyssey 2 years ago and now it’s dead again, with the engine running, measure across the battery terminal, only 11.90 V registered, it should be over 14V. He got another rebuilt one, life time warranty, but he never keeps the receipt any way. The