Gremlins In Audi B6 Cabriolet

We’ve had our 04 Cabriolet for almost a year and 12k miles now. We love our car, haven’t had to spend much money to drive it, and it’s a joy to drive, especially with the power and great gas mileage. Every car has its own gremlins that cause intermittent failures that can’t explain or solved. Here are our gremlins:

1. Battery just died over night completely, totally dead.

Recharged – Disconnect the trunk light – the switches don’t turn off the trunk lights – hasn’t happened again since.

right side switch     left side trunk light

disconnect left side light     disconnect right side light

Disconnect the plugs

disconnect the plug     disconnect the plug

2. Got out from the supermarket after a long drive (car totally warmed up), the car died at the stop light, started right up, drove nicely, full stop, died again, the idle was erratic, went home OK, freeway was normal.

Checked the engine with vag-com, voltage was low, cylinder 3 was intermittent. Recharged battery, turn off the Light Switch Automatic OFF. Bought a few coil packs for spares to replace if neccessary. Never have to use the coil packs and it never happen again since.

a4 engine code

The automatic light switch must be one of the gremlins in our Audi Cabriolet.

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