Audi V8 4.2L FSI

Audi in the last few years came out with FSI engines. Some said they’re great, some said they’re troublesome… FSI Getting more out of every drop of petrol: FSIĀ® technology successfully combines low fuel consumption with an engine characteristic that delivers high performance and agile responsiveness. With FSI technology, fuel is injected directly into the

Audi Quattro Principle

We like Audi because of their Quattro system. Since our cabriolet doesn’t have quattro, we can feel the front wheel drive slipping sometimes in the rain due to high torque V6. We’ll never take the cabriolet in the snow or heavy rain trips. We love all our quattro’s.

How To Change Q7 Battery

My Q7 battery is fine – It’s almost 5 years now – I collected all the procedures just in case I have to change it. 20 minutes way Instruction at just answer Front Seat Removal Replace Battery Vag-com Battery coding