Audi A8L, Q7 and A6 Score Card 2014

It’s Christmas Eve 2014, I decide to write up a score card for my 3 Audi cars. 1. 1996 A6 Avant 2.8L: 155k miles – The car starts right up every time although the battery is dying, doesn’t hold charge well. It still have the same battery since we bought it in Sept 2003. The

Check and Prepare Q7 For The Snowy Sierra Trip

Every year, we go to the Sierra for Skiing. This is our 6th year with the Q7. We always prepare and check to make sure everything is working in the Q7 before we take a long and snowy trip to the mountains. The Q7 is the best vehicle to climb, drive in the snow IMHO.

How To Pair LG Optimus F6 To Q7 MMI 2G Bluetooth

I’ve just moved from Verizon to T-Mobile,  I got 2 new LG Optimus F6 and I had to pair both phones to both of our Audis A8L and Q7 MMI 2G. Here is how I did on my 2008 Q7.