Audi A8L, Q7 and A6 Score Card 2014

It’s Christmas Eve 2014, I decide to write up a score card for my 3 Audi cars.

1. 1996 A6 Avant 2.8L: 155k miles – The car starts right up every time although the battery is dying, doesn’t hold charge well. It still have the same battery since we bought it in Sept 2003. The transmission starts to act up, goes into limp mode whenever it wants, so we can’t use it to drive long distance any more, because in limp mode, it’s locked in 3rd gear. We will donate the car next year. It burns 1 quart of oil every 1k mile.

Cost this year for this wonderful 96 A6: $30 oil change.

96 A6 Wagon     96 A6 Wagon

2. 2006 Audi A8L 4.2L: The odometer just turned 100k miles this week. It’s been ultra reliable – starts right up, drive smooth and powerful. It’s a daily driver to and from work and everywhere else in between. Comfortable and fun to drive. Everything works still in the car. It doesn’t burn oil at all.

Cost this year for this A8L: 

 $800 for 4 new Pirellis tires and wheels (30k miles old tires).

– $60 for Mobile 1 oil change, filter.

$40 Rear Brake pads (34k miles since last).

New wheels and tires

At 95k miles, the suspension starts to make noise while moving in/out of the drive ways at low speed due to upper control arms wearing out. We will replace them next year since it doesn’t hurt the performance and safety of the car.

We had the Q7 since April 2008 and believe it or not, we haven’t had to spend any money to fix the car at all, except new tires last year for the snow trip. The car is also ultra reliable, everything works and solid as a rock. It still have original brakes and everything else. It doesn’t even burn oil.

Cost this year for this Q7: $10 for silicon and lithium grease to lubricate the squeaky door hinges.

2008 Q7 3.6L

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