2016 Tesla S 75D Autopilot In Action

A coworker of mine has a new Tesla S 75D, the last year life time free charging ended. He gave me a ride to show me the ride and the Autopilot that Tesla’s been talking about all these years. It was quite impressive. The car is fast, but the interior and the ride can’t beat

Clean Clogged AC Drain Hose Causing Water Under The Carpet

While removing the passenger side carpet to disable the MMI Screen motor, I noticed the carpet foam was soaking wet.  Thanks to Audipages post, I removed and cleaned out the AC drain hose. I couldn’t believe there were so much stuff stuck in that little hose. After cleaning it, drove with AC on for about

Disable Audi A8 D3 MMI Screen Motor

When the battery’s dying, the MMI screen started to make noise and stopped in the middle while going up. I believe it may be its time to die, so I disable the motor from moving up/down every time we turn off /on the ignition.  I set the switch to off after the MMI screen is