A4 B6 V6 3.0L 30V Coil Packs and Spark Plugs Replacement

2013-03-13 Gas mileage went up from 29MPG to 32.5MPG


22 miles freeway trip – picture taken at exit light

The car has 95,800 miles and it’s time to give it a tune up. Spark plugs, air cleaner and oil change.

After removing the air cleaner, I found out that the last service guy didn’t put back the coil packs rail screws that secure the rails. This is the main reason why I do all the maintenance myself, many irresponsible mechanics out there.

V6 3.0L 30V     rail screws

The air cleaner itself is easy to buy and replace, there is another filter from the front engine grill to the air cleaner housing that needs to clean also. I just use some windex spray and towel to wipe the grimes and dirt off.

2 screws for air duct     air duct with filter

filter screen dirty     filter screen cleaned

Remove Coil Packs

To get to coil packs, air cleaner and coolant reservoir needs to be removed and loosen. There are 2 screws for each coil packs rails, should be removed for easy connectors removal. Lift all coil packs up until they’re freely rotated.

2 screws for rail     lift coil packs up

Use strong thumb or flat screw driver to press down the tab (until it clicks) while wiggling the connector out (careful not to break the plastic part).

black lock tab     use thumb or flat screw driver

coil packs rail separated     Coil packs removed

Spark Plugs Replacement

I use Bosch Iridium for long lasting and performance.

Bosch Iridium     Bosch Iridium

I put some engine oil on threads before installing spark plugs and hand tighten the spark plug all the way, finalize with torque wrench set at 22ft-lb – when it’s clicked, it’s done. The trick is also tape the extension with the spark plug socket so it won’t fall into the deep spark plug holes.

Put some engine oil on threads     set torque at 22ft-lb

Test Drive After Tuned Up

Night Drive

While I was there, I checked the timing belt condition also. My 96 Audi Avant has 149k miles with original belt and water pump. I do check the belt once in a while. If people who races the car a lot, erupted engine speeds, they do tend to put stress onto the belt and break them early. I  & my wife don’t race, we drive nicely, our belts do last a long time especially in the nice weather all year round of CA.

Timing belt at 95k     Timing belt at 95k


  • What screws did you buy for the coil rails? I just purchased an 03 Audi A6 Quattro with 3.0. Did the plugs today and mine was also missing the rail screws.

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