Audi Doesn’t Start In Park or Neutral

If your Audi doesn’t start at all on either in Park or even in Neutral, first check the battery voltage, make sure it’s at least 12V, if it is then it may well be the faulty brake light switch. If you get stranded any where, try to wiggle or tap the brake light switch hopefully to get it working temporarily to start the car and get it home. The brake light switch usually behind the brake pedal or between the brake and the gas pedal. The part number for the 2006 A8 D3 is 4F0945459B – average price is about $14-20 online for original. Sometimes it’s just a loose relay… .

4F0945459B Brake Light Switch

To remove the brake light switch, locate the switch, twist 45 degree left (counter clockwise) and reverse for installation.

Audi 4F0945459B brake light switch     remove Audi 4F0945459B brake light switch

It’s a good idea to have a spare in the car if your car is old.



  • Hello, the brake lite switch in not under the brake pedal on my 2004A8L D3, it is undet the dash and it is vert hard get to speaiky if your stranded on side of the road with no tools!! Just saying. Thank you hope this helps!! Love my Audi!! The best!!!

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