A4 Cabriolet Battery

Thanksgiving morning our Cabriolet battery suddenly died completely and we had no idea what happened. We took out the cover, terminals and charge the battery with our charger, the battery is dead totally. Charged it for 5 hours and it’s still not charged fully. We checked and the batter is registering 12.5V.  We could start the car. The ESP light is on and gone after we drove it for a while. The remotes need to be reset.

charging battery     cabling

Charger metter shows battery     Charger metter shows battery


It’s a simple process, just put the key in the ignition, turn it on to ACC (not starting), turn it off, take the key out, press the lock button, it should lock the door, then press the unlock button, it should open the door. It’s done.

igntion on ACC     turn off ignition

Let’s see if we have to replace the battery.

2011-12-09 The battery is still alive and well after I removed the connection to the trunk lights since the switches don’t turn off the lights when the trunk lid is closed. I also turn the headlight switch from auto to off when I get home at night. I’ll check out the trunk light switches when I have time.



  • Need help with my Audi A4 2008 Reg
    Electric roof stopped working also electric windows; and drivers door don’t lock with the remote; any ideas pls. Gary.

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