Popped Out Spark Plug
A6 C4

A6 C4 Sparkplug Popped Out Of Cylinder Head

September 26, 2010 | 1,434 views |

The car was running smoothly until one day, it just sounded so badly and the wife thought the engine was blown. It’s still drivable, shaking at idle and losing power because sparkplug #1 physically popped out of the head with all threads still good… Amazing. I started to look for a new car until I opened the engine cover to see what’s actually going on. Again, if we got panic and towed the car to any shop/dealer… money will be spent for nothing. Thanks to Quattroworld.com Audi enthusiasts, sparkplugs popping was suggested and they’re correct… Got to love the internet.

Popped Out Spark Plug

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  1. How did you fix the spark plug pop out? What was the cost to fix the issue? New head?
    If a Audi for with same issue.
    Trying to understand if the car can be salvaged.

    1. The threads were still good, just put in a new one. Sometimes when the spark plug wasn’t torqued down correctly, it started to loosen itself and pops out. If the threads are bad, you can put in a heilicoil. Mine wasn’t bad.

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