Add Freon To Montero 3.5L V6 AC System

It’s been hot in the last few days, my sister’s 99 Mitsubishi Montero 3.5L V6 AC system doesn’t blow cold any more. The car need some freon and hope it doesn’t leak too much anywhere else. We did 1 – 12oz can in about 10 minutes. Locating the low side port is a little difficult because it’s placed below the air cleaner housing. For adding freon to AC system DIY, always use LOW SIDE PORT. Check the pressure before charging.

***Unscrew the pin all the way out before screwing the new Freon can in***

***When Freon Can is screwed in tight, screw in the pin all the way to punch a hole in the can, then unscrew the pin all the way out for freon to be sucked in by the AC system running.***

***Turn on the engine, AC system to max, the fan doesn’t have to be high, low speed is efficient, the system will suck in the new freon from the can. One 12 oz can should last the whole year.***

3.5L V6     low side port

3.5L V6     low side port

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