What You Should/Must Know About Audi AC System

A8 AC Specs Label

Summer seems to come early this year, we’ve had some heat wave up to 97F in the last few days. My Audi AC system had been fixed four years ago and it’s still cold. It’s COVID19, not many places are open to service your car, it may be a blessing, get yourself an AC manifold,

Hot Air Comes Out of Left Vents With AC On

Low and High Pressure Engine AC On

The summer is coming and my A8 D3 AC blows hot air out of all the left vents, front and rear: Center console, pillar vent while the right side is cold. Using the AC Manifold Gauge I could see the pressure of both low and high are still good, although on the low side. The

Adding Freon To Audi A8L 4.2L AC System

It was hot in the last few days, my A8L doesn’t blow cold air as usual. I added a can of freon manually and the AC is cold now. Normally, I would take it to the AC shop to get it done, but I don’t have time to go and I also have a few