Audi Radio Removal

Sometimes we need to remove the radio from our Audis for various reasons, in order to do this we need some keys, older Audi’s radios only need 2, the one in our cabriolet needs 4. These keys can be bought online Ebay for about $5. Symphony II Radio Insert the keys to the 4 holes

Audi Homelink Transmitter Programming

These days newer cars have built in universal remote which is very convenient and COOL. Our new (used) 2004 Cabriolet does come with one and I had to try to program it for our garage door. The new garage door unit these days have security feature built-in called rolling codes (Genie) and it needs to

Symphony II Problems With Antenna On A4 Cabriolet

What’s made to fail, will fail and what’s designed so bad that it would fail more frequently and cost consumers more. Audi did it again for the antenna cable getting kinked at the trunk hinge, causing antenna cable to break and radio loses its signals. Again, our Cabriolet is 7 year old and 71k miles,