Audi Radio Removal

Sometimes we need to remove the radio from our Audis for various reasons, in order to do this we need some keys, older Audi’s radios only need 2, the one in our cabriolet needs 4. These keys can be bought online Ebay for about $5.

Symphony II Radio

RRK-132 Keys in bags of 2 4 keys RRK-132

Insert the keys to the 4 holes on top and bottom of the radio unit. Notice the correct orientation of the straight edge vs rounded ones (this is very important).

left side bottom hole and key right side bottom hole and key

all 4 are in and the radio is ready to be pulled

When 4 keys slided in until we can’t slide the key back out easily, then it’s in place. Pull the radio out slowly from side to side until it’s out. This video below will show the mechanism of the key in place.

All new Audi Radios are paired with the car itself, so sometimes we don’t need the Radio Key (4 digit) to enter every time the power is out (dead battery or changing battery) but it’s still good to try to obtain one and don’t leave the number in the car because as you can see, it’s very easy to remove Audi radios. Other models like Concert will only need 2 keys to remove.


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