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AC - Air Conditioning

What You Should/Must Know About Audi AC System

Summer seems to come early this year, we’ve had some heat wave up to 97F in the last few days. My Audi AC system had been fixed four years ago and it’s still cold. It’s COVID19, not many places are open to service your car, it may be a blessing, get yourself an AC manifold, […]

A8 D3 AC - Air Conditioning

Clean Clogged AC Drain Hose Causing Water Under The Carpet

While removing the passenger side carpet to disable the MMI Screen motor, I noticed the carpet foam was soaking wet.  Thanks to Audipages post, I removed and cleaned out the AC drain hose. I couldn’t believe there were so much stuff stuck in that little hose. After cleaning it, drove with AC on for about […]

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High Pressure Sensor (G65) – AC Blows Hot Air

If everything is in place and the AC is not cold, it could be the outside (ambient) temperature sensor is faulty. The sensor is clipped in front of the radiator, which the bumper must be removed to replace.  Improve cooling performance?  Fixed it. – Audi A8 D3 AC system: As I understand while having […]