Everything to do with brakes

Replace Q7 Brakes

Our wonderful Q7 brake pads warning light was on @61850 miles. We drove for a few hundred miles to 62221 before we replaced them, the front brake and rear brake pads still have some pads left, I think we can drive for another 1000 miles. This would be our first set of brakes since new

Replace Front Brake Pads on Rav4 LE 2WD 2.5L

Left Side

My father in-law 2014 Toyota Rav4 has 60k miles and the front brake pads need to be replaced. There are no warning indicator of any types on this car. There are also 2 sizes of discs for this car, our LE 2.5L 2WD version has smaller discs (273mm) and the ones we ordered Power Stop

Audi Doesn’t Start In Park or Neutral

If your Audi doesn’t start at all on either in Park or even in Neutral, first check the battery voltage, make sure it’s at least 12V, if it is then it may well be the faulty brake light switch. If you get stranded any where, try to wiggle or tap the brake light switch hopefully