Replace Front Brake Pads on Rav4 LE 2WD 2.5L

My father in-law 2014 Toyota Rav4 has 60k miles and the front brake pads need to be replaced. There are no warning indicator of any types on this car.

There are also 2 sizes of discs for this car, our LE 2.5L 2WD version has smaller discs (273mm) and the ones we ordered Power Stop (Z17 17-1211) were for 295mm discs. The pads should be ceramic. We went and bought Duralast from Autozone D1210 for $33 also. 

This is how we did ours, the brakes has no noise, squeaks and stops very nicely after the installation. Tools = 14mm, 17mm wrench and 21mm sockets, screw drivers, compress air, piston compressor tool.

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