Audi Q7 model

50k Miles Service On 2017 Q7

q7 oil change

My friend’s 2017 Q7 Prestige had 50k miles and it needed a service. Since my 2008 Q7 has 75k miles and the spark plugs are still good, we would skip the new spark plugs this time. All the fluids are good so we only checked for leaks and all the levels. We would change the

Replace 2008 Q7 Front Right (Passenger) Window Glass

q7 front right window

I got my Q7 passenger side (right) window broken into. Didn’t want to go through insurance, found quite a few on ebay with very good prices. Ordered one from oem_genuine_partout, the first one was the wrong side because of the curvature was opposite, they sent the right one right away which was nice. So, the

How I Replaced Left Mirror Motor On 2008 Q7

Q7 left mirror motor

It’s been 13 since something fails in my 2008 Q7. This is the first part failure on this reliable Audi Q7, amazing. The left (driver) rear view mirror motor stopped working, I’ve ordered one online from Ebay and they shipped a wrong one which was a hassle to return it and it cost me money