Convertible Top Doesn’t Close Fixed

2013-03-19 Top opens and closes.

Our convertible was doing so well until I used the vag-com to experiment something with the TOP open/close. After the experiment, the top was opened and the switch stopped working. The top warning light on the dash is flashing and when we ran the vag-com, the codes came up with 02000 = Switch position and 008 = implausible signal.

flashing convertible warning lamp

When the top is down completely, but when we push the top switch to close it, nothing happens, we can’t even hear any clicking or anything at all, the switch is dead totally. Read some information on the internet, we can try to reset the switch using software to the car cpu. In order for this to work, the top has to be in the closed position. It’s in the open position now, we need to manually close the convertible top.

Get the manual top handle tucked away in the fuse box, the manual does explain how to close the top in details.

fuse box location pry the cover open

Turn the handle to the left and take it out of the fuse box

locate the handle and turn ccw to remove turn handle ccw to remove

The top lock key tool     remove the back seat center piece

After remove the back seat center piece, we should be able to put this key tool into the hole up top, there are 2 positions, notice the separation between the black and red parts (separate is to insert and remove, close is to lock the key to turn). This key when turn will lift up the top cover for us to manually pull the top up, this will need 2 people.

put the key lock tool in place and turn     lid starts to open when the key turned

the lid is totally up     lift the top up with 2 people

When the top is pulled above the wind shield, use the key lock tool again to lock the top down, press the top down a little for the hook to be in place.

remove the key hole cover     insert the top tool and start to turn

The top is totally down and locked     OBDII connector in cabriolet

Now we can connect OBDII and reset the switch position problem.

OBD-II in place for resetting

Reset the top switch using vag-com

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