Q7 snow 2
March 7, 2019 / 273 views / Q7

Our Old Faithful 2008 Q7

No one would believe when I said I’ve spent $0 on fixing my 2008 Q7 since new until now 3/7/2019 but it’s the truth. The car’s been garaged since new, it has 56k miles now, we do take it to the Sierras every winter. We had to change tires one time and they’re still have […]

Q7 rear vent
June 23, 2016 / 1,186 views / Q7

2017 Q7 3rd Row Vents Deleted

Last weekend we went to test drive and ready to get a new 2017 Q7 until we found out that the 3rd row Vents were not offered at all. My 08 Q7  with 4zone option, there vents for the 2nd and third row. On a really HOT or COLD days, the immediate heat and AC […]

Q7 for snow
September 9, 2010 / 2,286 views / Q7

The “Stupid” Lease

In early 2008, Audi had a Q7 lease running for a while which all Audi dealer finance departments called it a totally “stupid” lease ever from Audi. Well, why was it stupid? It was stupid because it made no sense in business point of view for the dealers, but it’s great for the consumers. It […]

Q7 snow 2
December 29, 2009 / 1,218 views / Q7

It’s That Time Again For Q7…2010

The Garage Queen is coming out for the snow again. Q7 is still the best looking SUV on the block. Our reasons for buying the Q7: the kids Pictures taken by my little daughter from the backseat. Happy New Year 2010