2017 Q7 3rd Row Vents Deleted

Last weekend we went to test drive and ready to get a new 2017 Q7 until we found out that the 3rd row Vents were not offered at all. My 08 Q7  with 4zone option, there vents for the 2nd and third row. On a really HOT or COLD days, the immediate heat and AC would help the kids tremendously. Looks like we may have to skip this version of Q7. The pop-up moon roof for the 3rd seat is also deleted.

It’s OK looking, not distinctive like the old Q7, bland body, looks almost the same as Jeep. The interior is nice but I like the sliding 2nd row for the kids to climb to the 3rd row better than folding them up. The electric 3rd row seats are uncalled for, more problems in the future and slower to lift and fold.

The new Q7 is extremely quiet, comfortable and smooth, great mechanical despite some bad designs.

Q7 rear vent
Air Vents only exist with 4-zone


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