Replace Front Brake Pads On 2004 Honda Accord LX

While rotating the tire today on our mother’s 2004 Honda Accord LX 4 Door, 4 cylinder, I noticed the front brakes were thin so I went to Autozone and get some pads to replace them. The design was very easy to replace, it took less than 1 hour for the job. All I needed were

Honda Accord Back Up Camera Retrofit

  My mother in-law has a 2004 Honda Accord, the trunk is high which is hard for her to see the back when backing up. I bought a 7″ monitor and a camera to install for her. The monitor is about $30 and the camera is less than $20. There are many types of camera,

2004 Accord Door Lock Actuator Replacement

Nirma Rahayu: i have the same problem on my 04 honda accord, luckly i got it solved…the problem is in the MICU its the under dash fuse relay box, under the driver side dash, you need to remove the micu and replace or repair the double relay soldered on the circuit board, what i did