Honda Accord Back Up Camera Retrofit


My mother in-law has a 2004 Honda Accord, the trunk is high which is hard for her to see the back when backing up. I bought a 7″ monitor and a camera to install for her. The monitor is about $30 and the camera is less than $20. There are many types of camera, ccd is better quality than cmos but more expensive. Some cameras have guide lines in the back, some don’t, it’s just your preference. We actually like the one without the guide lines. There are also rear view mirrors with tiny little monitors built-in, but the good ones are expensive and many are not very clear. We found a place where we can put a 7″ screen in the car and we went with it.

Before install everything, make sure everything works outside on the bench first. I didn’t want to install everything and find out something didn’t work, and the camera didn’t work, we had to contact the seller and get a new one.

7" monitor

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