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How To Fix A8 D3 Broken Glove Box Frame

Fix Audi A8 D3 broken glove box frame

If you have an Audi A8 D3, chances are you’d have a broken glove box frame which cause the left side to sag down. It’s an easy fix with a heavy duty staple gun.

A8 D3 Glove Box Removal

A8 D3 Glove Box Bottom View

In order to access a few components like the MMI (head unit – 4E0035729(A)), can bus gateway (4E0907468(x)) we need to drop the glove box. It seems to be a big thing, but actually, there are about 8 screws (torx and Phillips)  that hold it to the body. ***If the car is equipped with knee airbag, make

A8 D3 Back Up Camera Retrofit

Audi Backup Camera

Found an OEM replica camera set up for $46 with camera included. Will install it later after testing the quality of the camera. 2014-06-21 Found a new camera for $19 – Great angle – Image and the LED prongs fit the original wiring.       2013-07-21 For those who wants to know if you have