Adding Freon To Audi A8L 4.2L AC System

It was hot in the last few days, my A8L doesn’t blow cold air as usual. I added a can of freon manually and the AC is cold now. Normally, I would take it to the AC shop to get it done, but I don’t have time to go and I also have a few Freon cans laying around from helping friends to charge their AC system, I did it on mine today. When doing the adding freon, the important part is to look for the low side port, normally, the low side port is small and will fit the AC charging connector. Luckily, my A8L has the port that fits the charging connector so I didn’t have to use any adapter. To prevent overcharging the system, I should have gotten a charging hose with pressure gauge, but I took a chance. Overcharging the AC system will cause system to break down, so don’t do it. Read about gauge readings here.


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