How To Use VCDS (Vag-Com) With Mac OS X


These days, many people moved from Windows OS to Mac OS X computers. Audi uses VCDS diagnostic software to diagnose problems and stuff, but VCDS only runs in Windows OS. VMware Fusion 7 will help to run Windows in Virtual machine without logging out and boot into Windows OS. VMware Fusion is painless to install and

How To Install And Activate Ross-Tech VCDS (VAG-COM) OBDII Dongle

One of the reasons I like Audis is because I can get an OBDII dongle from Ross-Tech to scan and do things with my Audis. The price of the dongle should be built into the cost of getting an Audi IMO. This is how I set mine up, very straight forward.


2014-01-13 VCDS is the new version of VAG-COM after 8.51. If you plan to use adaptation or more fancy things with the software, you have to get the original OBDII from ROSS-TECH, if you just want to have a device to reset warning lights or to see what fails in the car electronically, you can