How To Use VCDS (Vag-Com) With Mac OS X

These days, many people moved from Windows OS to Mac OS X computers. Audi uses VCDS diagnostic software to diagnose problems and stuff, but VCDS only runs in Windows OS. VMware Fusion 7 will help to run Windows in Virtual machine without logging out and boot into Windows OS. VMware Fusion is painless to install and so user friendly. It detects USB port easily which make it easy to connect to the VCDS OBDII. We can download VMware Fusion to make sure it works with the version of Mac OS X and hardware before buying it. 



  • hi Louis,
    I was thinking in loading VCDS on my mac but I don’t have any idea how to start, could you be so kind and walk me through the process?
    Thank you so much.


    • Hello Orlando,
      VCDS only runs on Windows OS, therefore you need to get VMWare or Virtualbox to install Windows OS on it, then you just install VCDS onto the Windows on the virtual OS environment, just like a pc. Watch the video on this post or //

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