What You Should/Must Know About Audi A5 B8

I’ve just acquired a 2014 Audi A5 Cabriolet Premium Plus with Navigation and sport package. From 2008-2017 it’s B8. I’m listing all the things we need to know about our A5 B8 (I think it’s the same for coupe also).

  • : I left the interior lights on for 2 days and the battery went down to 9V. The key fobs don’t open/close doors, nothing. The battery is located under the spare tire, there are positive and negative poles in the engine bay, so don’t charge or jump the battery from the battery itself, must use these 2 poles in the engine bay. The original battery is AGM so charge with the setting accordingly.

Positive and Negative connection Schumacher 15A Battery Charger

A5 B8 Battery and Tool Kit under spare tire A5 B8 Battery and Tool Kit under spare tire

  • Battery indicator doesn’t appear on the MMI 3G+ screen on 2014 A5 Convertible with Hidden Menu enabled. The car has Navigation Plus and Hard Drive (Jukebox) option.

  • There is no Oil dipstick, only MMI 3G Oil Level Display and check when the engine is hot.
  • Premium option doesn’t come with back up camera, heated and memory seat, xenon and keyless start, it’s a base model.
  • Power mirrors don’t come on US A5 B8 models.

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