Shanghai Noodles

These days there are quite a few Chinese Restaurants specialize in Mainland and Taiwanese Cuisine. Our family really like the spicy Shanghai noodles stir-fried. It’s quite easy to cook and very inexpensive. The main ingredients are ground pork, bokchoy, shanghai noodles, black bean paste, black bean chili, chili oil, soy sauce, sesame oil, onions, mushrooms of any kind, msg, salt, pepper.

  • The Shanghai noodles should be cooked just right, after boiled for 3 minutes, turn off the stove and rinse after 2 minutes.
  • The sauce is a mixture of Black Bean Paste, honey, soy sauce, water, sesame oil, black bean chili and chili oil to taste.
  • Stir fry some garlic, onions, then the ground pork until done. Put bokchoy mixed with the sauce until just done, then put all the noodles in and mix it well with the sauce and meat. Taste to make sure it’s good then serve.

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