Are We Better Now Than 4 Years Ago?

If you have to ask that question, you already failed because the obvious result should speak for itself.

More than 4 years ago when President Bush claimed that “there are more Americans who own their own homes than ever before”, I saw so many people would have bad credit when they get foreclosed on their houses because they’re qualified for mortgages too big to handle: “jump on the bandwagon or they will miss out the prosperity, greed clouded their judgement”,”there would be more foreclosures than ever before”.

When Mr. McCain announced his vice-president candidate, I knew Republican party didn’t want to have anything to do with America the following 4 years. Mr. Obama was in the right place at the right time to take a job that NO one can make it, it didn’t matter White, Black, Brown, Yellow or any human being President.

Are we better now than 4 years ago? Well, I’m sure it’s depend upon whom you ask, the lazies are lazier with a blame, high unemployment rates and try to get more money from the government. There have never more free money from the current government on aids than ever before. The responsible, elite class is still doing well, the mediocre and the poor get hit because as I heard the rich get richer, the mediocre get laid off, the poor drops to poverty level.

As a refugee from Viet Nam who came here in 75, scooping ice cream at $1.65/hour, never took a dime from the government even after 1 laid off, instead of working as Electronic technician, went to sell cars so I didn’t have to get inline for unemployment, I work hard and still have my job all this time. Bought a house that I could afford (mortgage+tax = 1/3 of salary) and stay alive even in the housing burst. To me, I just have to pay more for less stuff than before, better or worse, not much difference.

  IMHO, people wanted change, they got it in 2008, actually most of them have no idea what changes they want to have because nothing ever changes, many who work for a living and some don’t. Who you are, you will ever be and the government has very little help for you.

Are we better now than 4 years ago?

Yes, the housing market are more affordable now if you haven’t gotten stuck in one of those high price one before.

Yes, there are more jobs listed on than people who actually qualify for them.

Yes, I got 2 small raises in the last 4 years.

1 thing the Americans should never forget is what this country is famous for, free enterprises, capitalism and white people who’d built this nice and wonderful United States Of America. Socialism will never work, the government should not be Robin Hood, communism is proven NOT working, so is Socialism, ask France.

President is like a CEO of a country, has some ideas and let others to execute them for you. If his people have no ethics, accountability on everything they do, nothing will get done correctly. In Silicon Valley, Solyndra took the people’s money and burned it. The government said “it’s not because of 1 company failure, we have to stop the program”, it showed the government is poorly managed. You don’t have to stop the program, you need to make sure the people in charge should spend time to do their homework before giving someone money and it’s especially NOT your own money. I wonder if they even know what “homework” means, they should ask my 8 year old daughter and 5 year old son. By the way, how many times GM stick it to its investors? Is it a proud thing to save it?

Are we better off now than 4 years ago?

Again, if we have to ask, we’re not. It’s time to change again, back to America basic, NO Robin Hood government, let the people be for what they want to be, don’t bring these ethnic successful people like the twins to prove anything (and btw, their successes were long before President Obama), ask yourself a real question, did the government or the laws of  this country really stop people from succeeding? or themselves? Ask me, I came here with nothing, no English and an eyesore. Everyone deserves a chance… So, we never had it before? Until someone actually stops holding Education hostage every time they want to cut budget, then, America will really be better.

Pres Obama

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