2016 Current Events

2016 California Presidential Election Results – Trump vs Clinton

America is NOT just California. California Propositions: 51 K-12 and Community College Facities – YES 52 Medi-Cal Hospital Fee Program – YES 53 Voter Approval of Revenue Bonds – NO 54 Legislative Procedure Requirements – YES 55 Tax Extension for Education and Healthcare – YES 56 Cigarette Tax – YES 57 Criminal Sentences & Juvenile Crime […]

Current Events Do You Believe In Karma?

Teach Children To Be Aware Of Dangers On The Streets

My daughter is 11 and my son 8, they’re old enough to understand things we (parents) explain to them. The dangers of the streets that can cost their lives are often can’t foresee and unbelievable. We don’t let our children running on the streets for any reasons, if we have to cross a street, they […]