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What We Should Know About Coronavirus COVID-19

COVID-19 Symptoms Compare

There’s so much panic in the world with Coronavirus COVID-19. I compiled a few videos for some info about this virus by somewhat credible people. People are so far as to practically bought everything off the shelves from COSTCO thinking that America may shutdown their town just like in China. There are so many myths

Coronavirus and Stock Market

Market Index Feb-21-2020

The Market drops after Coronavius takes toll The stock market went down across the board due to Coronavirus concern which I don’t really believe in it. It’s profit taking from the long run of the market since last year. The Coronavirus seemed to originated from Wuhan wet market in China where meat is sold next

California Law Takes Aim At Uber and Lyft

Uber Company

, California law is taking aim at Uber and Lyft which may screw up the whole model of consumers transportation for the worse. The more laws, the more costs the more consumers have to pay. The model of these businesses is to cut cost for the consumers, and now with the law requires the business

President Trump Impeachment Inquiry

President Donald Trump

Nancy Pelosi announced a formal . House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has announced a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, calling his conduct “a violation of the law.”

AGT Season 14 Winner – Kodi Lee

Kodi Lee

I seldom watch AGT (America’s got talent), but last Weds I saw it on TV and I couldn’t believe America really chose the correct one, Kodi Lee, although many thought Emanne Beasha should get the crown. I like both of these contenders.