Anlin Delmar Windows

2013-05-02 The screen door latch broke off – The sound proof is diminishing through time – the latches on windows don’t close so tight like before.      2012-10-03 It’s almost 6 months now, we really love the windows, it’s sound proof, heat proof… The windows slide with ease, even the big glass doors. Custom Exteriors

Taking Our Kids To School

Our kids normal classes start at 2 different times at Ardenwood Elementary, but a few days a month, they start at the same time, that’s when we all go to school together. It’s nice to see how the kids play together before class, we think our kids school is great.


Why people, who are tired of living, don’t just kill themselves instead of taking other people with them? Turned out they’re really murdered… San Francisco police discovered five adults dead in a home near City College of San Francisco Friday morning in a grisly crime that may have been a murder-suicide. Although police do not