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2013-05-02 The screen door latch broke off – The sound proof is diminishing through time – the latches on windows don’t close so tight like before.

latch broke off     latch broke off

2012-10-03 It’s almost 6 months now, we really love the windows, it’s sound proof, heat proof… The windows slide with ease, even the big glass doors. Custom Exteriors Windows did a great job.

Four years ago, we got a quote from Custom Exteriors Windows company, we hibernate on it until this year, saved enough money to pull the trigger. The salesperson is still there and we believe we got a good deal, the important thing is the new windows Anlin – Delmar do make our house look better and more energy efficient that we can really feel. We should have done this earlier if we know it helps the isolation of the sounds, heat and cold air from outside the house. Yes, it does cost some money, but the quality is there, we can feel it by just sliding the windows and doors. The main thing that made us select Anlin Delmar windows is that it’s made here in California, we like to support us base business whenever possible, especially in CA.

anlin delmar windows

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