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Replace Old – Broken Shower Faucet

2017-06-21 The faucet started to leak – dripping from the spout – called Moen and they sent a cartridge 1222B right away – great customer service. We will receive it in 7 days. While trying to fix the leak of the kids bathroom, I broke the valve since it’s too old and rusty. I was […]

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Fix Rumbling Toilet Water Pipe And Float

We had our Jacuzzi Perfecta toilet for over 3 years now, the float starts to leak and make whistling sound when water is running. The water valve is old and starts to rumble when the water runs through it when the toilet is flushed. It’s extremely noisy and shaky when the toilet is flushed at […]

Eljer Titan
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2012-12-08 We still have these toilets – over 4 years. Eljer & Perfecta works great, Jacuzzi Era is not good in washing the bowl (not recommended – glad that it’s in the guest bathroom – seldom used… We bought 3 toilets from Eljer & Jacuzzi We are in the process of improving our house and […]

Half Bath
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Half Bathroom

After finishing up the Master bathroom (second page), we took a break while waiting for the Decolav sinks to arrived. We finished the half bath this weekend. Again, the wife doesn’t like the medicine cabinet and the big mirror, we went to TJmaxx again to get all the stuffs and here it went. Remove Medicine […]

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Master Bathroom

The faucets are leaking and the vanities look old, it’s time to give them new faces since we do spend lots of time in the bathroom. We want to replace the Formica with granite top and rectangular sinks. We can buy pre-fab ones for very good price, but the stones we want they don’t make. […]

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Kids Bathroom

The kids bathroom. Dual sinks. Kids bathroom after The works Granite top with rectangular sinks Granite Top Fitting Buff the top before installing faucets Buff again Total cost: – Granite = $50. – Sinks(2)= $150. – Faucets = $180. – Mirrors = $120. – Hardware = $50. August 28,08 Cheers,