2017 Thornton Junior High

American Revolution Play At Thornton Junior High

Audie is restless, after the Volleyball team was over, she auditioned to be in the school’s American Revolution in 40 minutes or less play, stayed late and rehearsed with the crew, tiring but she enjoyed it. Finally, we got to see it yesterday. The play was quite comedic and enjoyable, not as boring as I […]

Thornton Junior High

Thornton Junior High Lunch Portions Are NOT Big Enough For My Child

My skinny daughter complained that she didn’t have enough food to eat at lunch from school – She had to buy 2 x $4.00 = $8.00 to stop being hungry. This is amazing, middle school where kids are growing fast, the cost now is $4.00 while all fast food restaurants are selling lunch menu for […]

2016 Thornton Junior High

Thornton’s Volleyball Team Lost To Walters Junior High At Home Court

I went to Walters Junior High to watch Thornton Volleyball team played in their home court, Thornton lost due to complaints that the court was so small and the ceiling was low. This time, at Thornton home court, the ceiling is high and the gym is huge and familiar. Like I would say at work, instead […]

2016 Thornton Junior High

Thornton’s Volleyball Team Lost To Centerville Junior High At Their Home Court

On Nov 3rd, 2016, Thornton’s 7th Grade Volleyball team went to Centerville Junior High home court and lost. Thornton team could have won the first game if some of the last serves were made since it was 25/23. The second game Thornton had no chance with the second team. This may be the last game of […]

Thornton Junior High

Thornton vs Hopkins Junior High Volleyball Meet At Home Court

At home court yesterday, Thornton lost to Hopkins 2-0, it wasn’t a good meet. Everyone thought losing to Hopkins in their home court was due to strange environment, but watching Thornton played, I can see it’s the team skills and chemistry. Hopkins played a real Volleyball game, they tried 3 bumps for every ball to go over […]

Thornton Junior High

Thornton vs Centerville Junior High Volleyball Meet

Thursday 10/13/2016, Thornton plays Centerville Junior High at it’s home court, and it won. I asked my daughter if it’s confirmed that Thunderbolts can only win at the home turf? She said yes. That’s very weak, I said. You have to break the jinx, if you believe that you can only win at your home […]

Thornton Junior High

Thornton vs Walters Junior High Volleyball

It’s Tuesday 10/11/16, Thornton went to Walters Junior High school for a Volleyball meet. Thornton lost, it was sad to see the team Chemistry shattered, fear of low ceiling court, small court and bad comments from some uneducated spectators (although it’s inside a school – they’re not taught with 8 good traits from Ardenwood Elementary). […]