First Day To New Thornton Junior High

Fremont schools started yesterday, last day of August. Audrey started her 7th grade at the school new to her, Thornton Junior High. We always take the kids to school on their first day, but we couldn’t take Brandon this year because he’s still in Ardenwood Elementary, and they both away from each other, grandma would

Play Sims Free Online

I didn’t know Audie’s been playing Sims online for free until I found the Video she recorded a few years ago. It’s really cute and she did a great job playing it. No wonder she asked me for a $60 Sims 4 last Christmas.

Science Camp 2015

Audie got to go to Ardenwood Elementary Science Camp, she had fun and learned a lot.  

Bunk Bed: Grades

Audie announces happily: Daddy, I got 19/20 on my test today… Daddy doesn’t act surprise at all: Oh, really, what percentage is that? (he pretends to be extremely naive). Audie: That’s an “A” daddy!  Daddy casually asks: Do you know what “A” stands for? Average!!!! Audie screams in disbelief: What daddy? So what’s a “B”,

A Simple Birthday With A Few Great Friends

It was Thursday evening, Audie asked us if she can have a birthday party on Sat (very short notice). She wanted to invite 6 of her close friends to an Ice Skating Ring in Fremont, but it was all booked, even the one in San Jose and Palo Alto. She felt sad, but I suggested