A Simple Birthday With A Few Great Friends

It was Thursday evening, Audie asked us if she can have a birthday party on Sat (very short notice). She wanted to invite 6 of her close friends to an Ice Skating Ring in Fremont, but it was all booked, even the one in San Jose and Palo Alto. She felt sad, but I suggested her to just invite friends over for lunch at home, the party didn’t have to be extravagant, well planned, just be spontaneous. I volunteered to cook for lunch and take the kids to the park close by if they want, Audie just had to find a way to entertain her friends somehow, I suggested to have a Furby party where everyone brings a Furby to the party, if one doesn’t have one, one will get a loaner; Audie was excited and cheered with the idea, she went to her room and started to write invitations right away. My wife was worried and skeptical about the short notice of the party invitation, if none of them shows up, Audie would feel so sad… but I encouraged her that unless Audrey tries, she would never know if any of her friends would come. We need to encourage our kids to try even if things seem to be difficult sometimes. It’s better to try than doing nothing at all.

  Audrey woke up on Sat very early, she was nervous about the party, she didn’t know if any of her friends could come. 3 out of 6 invitations showed up.  She had a great birthday and the most important thing she learned was, she had to try even if things have low chance of  being successful. It was a great simple birthday party, Audie, her little brother and her friends had a wonderful time, they wanted to do it again soon.

furby party

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