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First Day To New Thornton Junior High

Fremont schools started yesterday, last day of August. Audrey started her 7th grade at the school new to her, Thornton Junior High. We always take the kids to school on their first day, but we couldn’t take Brandon this year because he’s still in Ardenwood Elementary, and they both away from each other, grandma would take him. The streets were so congested @7:30AM. We thought we’re going to be late, but we parked on one of the side street and walked Audrey to school. The parking lot was packed, the line of cars was more than 2 blocks long and it was 7:50Am already. Today, we left 10 minutes earlier, took the freeway and we got there to almost empty parking lot. Nice.

At the dinner table last night, Audrey and Brandon both liked their schools, especially Audrey with her new one. She thought all the teachers are nice, at least on the first day. Time will tell. Audrey made 2 new friends thanks to her new Anime backpack.

So, we registered for the school loop so we can get information about our Audrey’s school work. It’s great that the school has this going.

New Anime Backpack

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