Pumpkin Patch Ardenwood 2009

Halloween 09

It’s that time again, the time when the kids got to wear costumes and go trick or treating. Every year we go to the pumpkin patch near our home for the kids to play with the hay and the choose the pumpkin to carve.

Halloween 2009

Halloween 09

It’s almost Halloween, Party City is the place we went for costumes and stuff. CoralineA wanted to be a pink cat and WyborneB likes to be a ninja, but wearing the ninja mask, he does look like some type of terrxxist, so we can’t post his pictures here. Yes he can have his sword and

Ardenwood Halloween Carnival

pumpkin carved

My daughter started her kindergarten this year and she loves the school, her new friends and her teacher. The school had a halloween get together with everyone (practically). The event was made possible due to great efforts from the PTA and volunteers from American High School students. We were so impressed with the principle, the