Social Security

Planning For Retirement

When I was single, the word retirement wasn’t in my dictionary until I got married and planned to have children. I became a worrywart about the old age here in America, the land of hunger is supposed to be non existent. I’m writing this post to remind the younger people like me who doesn’t believe

10 Things We Didn’t Know About Social Security

When we get married, having children, we started to prepare for everything, kids colleges and our retirement. Social Security comes to minds although we don’t expect to get much from it, but it’s nice to know it may exist when we retire. How much do we need to save for retirement, this is a very

Social Security Benefits

Yes, we work and we pay taxes and Social Security for the retirement. I found the article about the benefits of Social Security, it’s nice to know. Social Security Insurance was established in 1935 as a financial safety net for older Americans. Eight decades later, all Americans pay into the system, with Social Security the