Raising and growing with children help us feel more sane and develop more patience. The best part is seeing our children become extremely witty. There are many smart kids out there, but some are missing the most important thing in the world, sense of humor. We don’t think we can teach our children how to be witty, but we do joke a lot at home. We don’t have tight rules in the house, we only have schedules to do chores daily like home works, and having fun together whenever possible. We do mock at each other and the most important thing, we do laugh often.

We believe many parent(s) are too superficial about creating Great kids, being superficial kills sense of humor in kids. we think it runs in the family, if the parents have sense of humor, being totally secure, the kids are exposed to laughter often… great. Children are born to be happy, easy to be happy and humorous, let them be, but we also have to let us be… easy, think half-full, and develop sense of humor.

We don’t really need our kids to get straight A’s (but they will, naturally) in school, play some types of musical instruments for us to be proud of, but we do like our children to think well, joke often, laugh all the time, be children, be extremely WITTY and ARTICULATE.

We’re so happy and proud when our kids are happy and witty.

Audie & Brando wanted to try to play guitar, we bought a “Blue” one since they liked the color. We paid for Audie 1 private lesson, her fingers hurt and she never tried it again. Well, may be our kids are not talented and passionate about guitar. Now, painting.


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