Move WordPress Blogs To A New Server

WordPress has all the tools to move a current blog to a new server or a new url easily with preserving all comments, view counts and everything that I know of. I had to move my blogs with hundreds of posts and comments and view counts for many popular posts from to Inmotion Hosting

Install WordPress With InmotionHosting

If you’ve just signed up with Inmotion Hosting like me, you will receive an email to direct you to your new server for your website and you want to start your first blog using the popular WordPress 3.2.1, here is how we did ours. Click on click here to get started and the login panel

Toshiba Thrive Honeycomb 3.1 Tablet

Finally, I got an Android tablet for me and my family to try out and enjoy (hopefully). I’ve been reading (specs) and watching prices of these Android tablets for almost a year now. I was excited about the Xoom but after my friend got one and return the next day because it wasn’t user friendly

Back Up Bluray To AVCHD And MP4

After a few months of trials and errors, I came up with a simple way of shrinking Blu-ray/HD dvds to DVD9/5 which can play in Blu-Ray players for faster loading and playing (compared to the original discs); and MKV files for PC and HD DVDs to play with regular PC DVD players. To get a

Convert MKV And DVD Files To MP4 Using HandBrake

Since we got our Thrive tablet, we need to make some mp4 movies to store in the external hard drive for watching movies while traveling. HandBrake 9.5 is the one we use to do this. We also need to transfer all the files from DVD to the hard drive, there are many free and paid