Convert MKV And DVD Files To MP4 Using HandBrake

Since we got our Thrive tablet, we need to make some mp4 movies to store in the external hard drive for watching movies while traveling. HandBrake 9.5 is the one we use to do this. We also need to transfer all the files from DVD to the hard drive, there are many free and paid software out there that would do it for us, I like anydvd. Anyhow, after I transferred all files to the hard drive, I would have 2 folders: audio_ts and video_ts, this is the folder that I will point the HandBrake software to. HandBrake encodes DVD very quickly with i7, it would run over 112fps, not like HD MKV (35fps). I always do a batch of many over night.


For MKV I use 1280 width and bitrate of 2000Kbs, it’s the best for both size and quality

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